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5 star status annually renewed at the Aaldering Luxury Lodges

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Each year the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) thoroughly reexamines all hotel facilities. While providing the highest possible service and making our guests feel ultimately relaxed, we were granted with a continuation of our 5 star status.

One of the unique services we provide for our guests is that they’ll find their car washed and shiny as new when waking in the morning. So if you love travelling and exploring the latest goings-on in the Winelands, you are assured Aaldering Luxury Lodges is the way to go. Happy faces and friendly voices are welcoming you upon check-in and during your stay.

Be charmed by the intimate winery lodging experience. Added bonuses: the purity of the air around you, as well as three of our finest wines to enjoy in your chaise longue on the sun terrace, while watching the sun sink over the vineyards. We now also offer spa treatments on appointment.

Aaldering Wine Experience at Staverden Castle in the Netherlands

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In the Netherlands a new wine experience is now being realized at the Staverden Castle. The fine dining restaurant is situated in the Orangery amidst the beautiful castle gardens. The owners grow a large variety of their ingredients in the glass house, of which you have a magnificent view from the spacious terrace. The restaurant has all Aaldering wines available and also offer an exclusive Aaldering-by-the-glass menu.
In the castle itself they will soon be opening a special wine bar, a must-go-to place for wine lovers who want to enjoy a glass of wine in the same natural serenity as you would on the Aaldering Estate.

What better way to say it than with an Aaldering Magnum

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Or even better, with a double Magnum! Aaldering has released the memorable 2012 Pinotage vintage both in Magnum and Double Magnum.
Memorable for being the first vintage of the wine produced in our brand new cellar back then, with the fantastic quality of grapes that the vintage offered.
Special occasions will spontaneously occur after you have tasted this special edition and a real collector’s item too by the way.

Meet us for a taste of Aaldering wines

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15-17 September 2015 – Cape Wine 2015, CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa

16 September – Aaldering Wine Event, Aaldering Estate, South Africa

Harvest 2015

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The 2015 harvest started on 22 January 2015. This is a full 3 weeks earlier than the 2014 harvest, meaning the Cape has been sunny over the summer period! Early morning the hand-picked grapes were from our Pinotage vines, destined to be pressed for the exceptional Pinotage Rosé that gets to be barrel-fermented partially. Everybody has been waiting for this day for months now and you could feel the excitement in the vineyard! Harvest workers were all smiling and constantly chattering, ready for the big day and in the cellar the team was getting ready to receive our first grapes. The fruit quality was impeccable and the 2015 harvest looks very promising.

The months leading up to harvest has been full of planning and a lot of hard work. We started a turn-around approach in the vineyard to make wines of the highest quality.
Firstly we installed soil moisture probes to measure the water content of our Hutton and Clovelly soils. This empowered us to irrigate only when really necessary and also to concentrate those attractive flavors we are after in our wines.
Secondly we started measuring stress levels of our vineyards by using a pressure bomb (an instrument measuring water stress) to understand and manage our vineyards a lot better. This enabled us to make sure the vines are functioning at their best to give us the best end results.
Lastly, we started using satellite images by using drones to understand the effect of different climatic conditions on our vineyards. We will now be better equipped to make decisions that directly influences the quality of our wines.
The end result is that we are raising the bar and giving our loyal Aaldering wine enthusiasts even better quality wines to enjoy!

Culinary Arts & Aaldering Wines at Rijks Amsterdam

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The impressively transformed Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam added another value to their extraordinary art collection, a fine dine restaurant called Rijks. Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk signs for the culinary art and occasionally hosts world-famous chefs. It was Africa’s best female Chef Margot Janse from Le Quartier Français (San Pellegrino Top 100) that impressed hundreds of guests with her interactive interpretation of one of the museums finest paintings, Johannes Vermeers’ The Milkmaid, and other signature dishes that excelled in a fusion of both South African and Dutch ingredients. Special attention also went out to matching wines of the same top quality, for which our Aaldering Estate Lady M 2014 was carefully selected, hence the happy faces of both Margot and Fons at an exquisite lunch at Rijks.

Las Vegas top gastronomy discovers South African Wines

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Bellagio’s Le Cirque (AAA Five Diamond award) Sommelier Robert Brzostowski visited the Aaldering Estate to personally experience what it takes, from vine to bottle, to create the Aaldering wines. We were delighted with a visit from across the Atlantic, where they start to develop a greater taste for exclusive wines and South Africa is believed to be the undiscovered jewel amongst the variety of new world wines. His personal favorite is the Cabertnet Sauvignon-Merlot.

Luxury Breakfast – Sunny side up please!

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Cape summer is still showing it magic. Dry weather and sunny days draws our luxury lodges’ guests outside to the terrace to enjoy breakfast in bright rays of sunshine and a refreshing morning breeze, overlooking the dam and Devon Valley’s vineyards. No one else better than our Lodge Manager William personally makes your eggs exactly how you love them most. The temperatures expect to keep well above 25°C for the coming 2 months, so make sure you will be ordering a sunny side up from the terrace this season still! We would be looking forward to welcoming you there!

Yes, I would love to make a reservation at the Aaldering Luxury Lodges

Please meet us for a taste of Aaldering Wines

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3 – 5 March 2015 – GePeBe, Rosmalen, The Netherlands, Stand no. 013

15-17 March 2015 – Prowein, Düsseldorf, Germany, WOSA Pavilion, Hall 9, B28 – Stand 20

14-16 April 2015 – Word Travel Catering & Onboard Services – Hamburg, Germany, Hall A4-4C60

13 May 2015 – World’s Leading Wines, Chicago, USA

15-17 September 2015 – Cape Wine 2015, CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa

16 September 2015, Aaldering Wine Event, Aaldering Estate, South Africa

Another Pretty Vintage of Pinotage bottled

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If you haven’t tasted our Pinotage yet, now is the time to do so. At Aaldering we are very happy to embrace Pinotage, South Africa’s very own varietal grape, and to take part in the cult revolution of top quality Pinotage wines. We are blessed with the perfect terroir in Devon Valley to cultivate the very best quality grapes, hand-selected for optimal ripeness and to preserve the intrinsic quality of the grapes into the bottle. What you will find in our Aaldering Pinotage 2011, is beautiful fruit expression, with finesse and elegance.
Where to find our Pinotage? Well, we are very honored to tell you that KLM World Business Class is serving both our zesty Aaldering Lady M 2014 and the Aaldering Pinotage 2011 on board again this year. It is also the choice of Berry Bros & Rudd for their wine club members and the Alko Monopoly in Finland for those who will wander around Santa’s Winter Wonderland. Check out our website to find our Pinotage within your country. We are very pleased with our newest fine wine importers around the world, knowing Fine Drinks in the UK and O.H.L. Wine in Denmark.