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A gum boot walk through our vineyards

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After what has been an extremely long and dry summer (driest in a century) we had sporadic rain but luckily enough for our farm dam to start overflow during the second week of August. Our winter rains are treasured, as this is our only source of water.
We are now going into spring and temperatures are starting to rise gradually, even the Chardonnay started to bud here and there. Our season has officially started and even the bees are excited!
The flowers are awakening and slowly we shift our focus from the cellar to the vineyards, on our gum boots.

Aaldering CabMerlot showing its muscles in the award shows

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Some great new awards have been received lately which we would like to share with you. The South African Wine Index (SAWI) awarded three of our beautiful wines. No less than a Platinum award went to our Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot. The Aaldering Estate Sauvignon Blanc won a shiny Grand Gold medal.

The Aaldering Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot 2012 is clearly showing its muscles in the recent awards and listings, and also in Japan this did not stay unnoticed. During the annual Sakura award show, judged by lady wine professionals only, our CabMerlot was chosen to be a Gold medal winner. It goes without saying that we are stoked with this news. For an updated overview on our accolades throughout the past years, please have a look at our accolades overview online.

Pulling corks at the following events

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– Oxhoofdproeverij, 16 October 2016, Fourcroy Bussum, the Netherlands
– WOSA East Africa Tasting, 28 October 2016, Kampala, Uganda
– WOSA East Africa Tasting, 29 October 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

Royal Caribbean Cruises hand-picks Aaldering Estate Chardonnay

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How excited are we about Royal Caribbean Cruises selecting our for their cruise line travelers? Very. Royal Caribbean has a spectacular fleet and are now launching the biggest cruise ship ever built; the Harmony of the Seas. To give you an idea of its size, this ship:

• Accommodates 6410 guests and 2100 staff members
• Encompasses 18 floors over a staggering 229 foot height
• Offers 23 different swimming pools

The number of wine bars are not noted, but we are positive you will find yourself near a well-equipped wine bar serving you a perfectly chilled Aaldering Estate Chardonnay 2015. And while cruising the Caribbean, don’t forget to stock up on some other Aaldering wines with Brandsimex on Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, who are known for hosting vibrant wine tasting events like the one at Zest most recently.

Top 100 Double Gold medals

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After the kudos from Michelangelo on our Pinotage 2012, where it won double gold, we have now also received the Top 100 South African Wines Competition double gold awards. Not only was our classic red Aaldering Pinotage recognized, but our outstanding barrel-aged Pinotage Rosé was also awarded as a sublime wine in this prestigious wine competition. To add even more good news, our Aaldering Chardonnay and Pinotage Blanc got awarded the silver medals too. We do hope you’ve got one of these wines chilled in your wine fridge if you feel like having a fine wine-moment tonight!

Releasing the new vintage of our rarity wines: Pinotage Blanc and Lady M 2016

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To our Pinotage fans, August 1st will be the Aaldering Estate’s most noteworthy day for releasing the new vintage Pinotage Blanc and Lady M 2016. Due to its success worldwide we had to keep you waiting for a few months again. Our advice to you is to secure the exclusive allocation now!

Spotlight on Pinotage 2013: worthy successor of much raved Pinotage 2012

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The first Pinotage vintage (2012) to come from our brand new winery showed a remarkable improvement in quality due to the ultra-modern techniques that we now have on hand.
Giving way to silky-smooth tannins in the valley’s most elegant Pinotage. Having released the 2013 vintage of the Aaldering Pinotage now, you will find it bringing new and exhilarating aromas and flavors, all wrapped up in Aaldering’s exultant style.
Beautiful texture and complex characters of raspberry, dark cherry and cloves, developing a sophisticated complexity with age.

Winter is upon us in South Africa…

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Temperatures are dropping and we are starting to receive some random rain showers. After this incredibly dry summer we are in need of significant rain to fill water reservoirs as we go into winter. The vines’ metabolism is slowing down and our cover-crop already stands 10cm’s high. Leaves are falling and signs of late autumn are evident everywhere. This is the start of our preparation for the 2017 harvest. In less than 2 months we will start our pruning activities which shape our vines in order to allow them to produce their best. In the meantime, we will put all our focus on the fruit of the vine that needs to go to barrels to develop into something that people will enjoy for many years to come.

At least a million bottles of wine popped at Prowein

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The success of the Prowein trade fair in Düsseldorf is growing each year. More than 55.000 exhibitors from all over the world unite. Exhibitors popped at least a million bottles of wine over the 3 days!
Obviously we were happy to open up our newest vintages for our clients from all over the world, such as All Nippon Airways, Japan; Moddy Trading, Taiwan; and Natureland, Mauritius, just to name a few.
The city of Düsseldorf, in particular, brightens at night during the Prowein event and we’ve hosted an intimate wine dinner at the enchanting Tante Anna’s Weinhaus (take note for your next travel to Düsseldorf).

Back to our wine bar at WTCE Hamburg

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It was also a feast to be present again at this year’s German-based trade fair, WTCE in Hamburg. Everyone from the biggest airlines as well as the most exotic and exclusive private airlines were present at the travel industry event.

As the business calls for valued customer experience, you can take comfort in the knowledge that our wine bar was crowded throughout the show.