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We’re proud to be part of the elite ‘Enviro Wines’ group. This puts us amongst the top-class of IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) accredited wine producers. The cellars that score exceptionally high on sustainability on both Farm and Winery practices are invited to join the elite group, to date only 7 wineries in South Africa are awarded this status. From the early beginning in 2007 Aaldering have been making  their wines exclusively with grapes  from their family-owned estate which  has resulted in the Estate wine status.  The Estate wine status goes along with the loyalty towards IPW and Enviro Wines 
and puts us in good stead to keep making world class wines!
Aaldering Vineyards & Wines is an avid supporter of Street Smart in the Netherlands, a not-for profit initiative which focuses on helping street children in South Africa, as well as those at risk of becoming street children. They raise funds to help provide housing, education and other basic needs in order to encourage healthy and safe development of African children. We are very proud not to only make great wines, but to also make great wines better. South Africa’s National Integrity & Sustainability Seal examines wineries on whether they secure health and safety for their workers, work sustainable and protect the biodiversity of the world’s richest floral kingdom. A world’s first since the 2010 vintage, and where each seal number is traced back to origin.


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