Embrace the flavors of Aaldering family wines: a blend of excellence and value

In the ever-evolving world of premium and ultra-premium wines, Aaldering Vineyards & Wines has been a consistent provider of a complete portfolio of world-class wines for over a decade. Alongside their well-known ‘Estate Range,’ they have introduced several ‘private label’ wines such as the Florence by Aaldering range and the “Kus van Thérèse” by Aaldering. The latter has been proudly crafted for several years exclusively for the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant of Thérèse and Johnie Boer in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Expanding their series of Private Labels, Aaldering now presents something new: Family Wines – by Aaldering. These white and red blends offer the renowned Aaldering wine quality at a very attractive price point, making them versatile and enjoyable for any occasion.

While you don’t need to be an absolute connoisseur to appreciate these wines, if you are one, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this new series. The Family Wines feature a colorful and appealing ‘wrap’ label. The color of the grape bunch clearly indicates whether it’s a white or red wine, while the smaller accompanying images provide playful hints at the flavor profiles and tones to expect. The use of digital printing ensures a high-quality, vibrant appearance with meticulous attention to detail. With compliments from their winemaker, the Aaldering family assures you that these wines are crafted “with love.”

The white wine in the Family Wines series is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, resulting in a light-colored wine with a subtle yellowish hue. Floral notes, pear, passion fruit, and minerals from the Sauvignon Blanc harmonize with citrus, blossom, and hints of lemon from the Chardonnay, contributing complexity and depth without overpowering the palate.

On the other hand, the red wine is a Cape Blend, with Pinotage as the primary grape variety, accompanied by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a touch of Shiraz. The nose reveals plums, red and black currants, along with pencil shavings, chocolate, and coffee notes that add warmth and complexity. This full-bodied wine offers flavors of fruit cake, dark chocolate, and brooding fruit, supported by polished tannins that enhance its length and depth, making it a delightful Cape Cuvée.

Aaldering has chosen a convenient screw cap for the closure of these wines. This not only makes them ideal for pouring ‘by the glass,’ but also provides ease of opening and storing in any household. Additionally, the screw cap ensures optimal preservation of the wine’s flavors.

Recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability, Aaldering has taken various measures to minimize the ecological impact of their wines. The Family Wines series features lighter weight bottles, which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. Furthermore, Aaldering actively participates in the IPW project of the South African wine industry, promoting environmentally friendly processes. Proudly, Aaldering is one of only 15 wine producers (out of 575) to hold the Enviro certificate, a testament to their commitment to quality standards. The winery’s most recent environmental upgrade includes a state-of-the-art solar installation, complete with a backup battery system.

For further details and information about the exciting new wine range, please visit the website or contact Aaldering via email at Explore the world of Aaldering Family Wines and indulge in the art of winemaking combined with a passion for sustainability.

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