Really, really good grapes

After the severe drought of 2018, the following year brought us a good old-fashioned Cape winter: cold and wet. Thanks to Mother Nature’s bounty, the vines built up sufficient reserves for the growth season. And even the budding season – from September 2019 till January 2020 – was colder than usual, which laid the foundation for good natural acidity and optimal phenolic ripeness in the grapes.

While the higher-than-normal summer rainfall increased the risk for disease, we were fortunate enough to escape any fungal infections – and pleased to have to irrigate less! Then, a few heat waves in February accelerated ripening, keeping our team on their toes – we had to work hard to bring in the Sauvignon blanc and Pinotage grapes at optimal ripeness.

All in all, the hot days and cool nights increased grape flavours and colour levels to produce concentrated wines with a lively acidity. It meant a fantastic vintage for winemakers and a challenging but very rewarding vintage for our diligent viticulturists.

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