Month: April 2018

Growing our network at Prowein 2018

Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Balkan, Thailand and the USA are just a few more countries where you might find a selection of Aaldering wines in the near future. At the recent Prowein 2018 trade show in Dusseldorf, most of our existing importers and new connections sampled our latest vintages. Once again, Prowein was a success and we’re excited to share our range with even more wine lovers around the world!

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Heard it through the vine

Before we give you an update on the 2018 harvest, we’d like to share this piece that was published by several researchers in South Africa:

“The South African wine industry is bracing itself for what might be the smallest harvest in more than a decade. The drought conditions that have been prevalent in the Western Cape for the third consecutive season will have a major effect on the 2018 harvest. Drought, a shrinking area under vines and frost damage will have the greatest effect on the crop size. Even though the 2018 harvest might be much smaller, vineyards are in a very good condition due to frequent rainfall in October and November, as well as cooler weather up to the end of November. Vineyard growth is generally good and there have been no noteworthy occurrences of fungal diseases or pests. The low dam levels and insufficient water resources are most likely to have the greatest determinant of a smaller 2018 harvest. Good, regular showers in December and January may of course bring great relief and change the outlook for the better.” Continue Reading

Bigger, better bottle: The perfect Christmas gift

Have you ordered your limited edition Magnums yet? Christmas might seem far away, but we’re already (almost) half-way through the year! Our winemaker chose the Aaldering Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot as the star of this new Magnum series. The iconic wine is ready to be enjoyed, but will also cellar well for another 10 to 12 years. Continue Reading

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