Asiana Airlines hand selects Aaldering Estate Sauvignon Blanc

The Aaldering Estate Sauvignon Blanc is one of our hidden treasures and has just been selected by the wine committee of Asiana Airlines for their well-respected Asiana Airlines Business Class passengers.
So what is the secret to the success of our Sauvignon Blanc? Growing such a delicate variety in a valley mostly known for red wines is quite surprising. Our Sauvignon Blanc grows high up on the southwestern slopes of the estate at an altitude of 160m above sea level where soil temperatures can differ up to 5 degrees Celcius from our warmer sites. The vineyard overlooks False Bay where our prevailing summer wind comes from, and the exposure to the ocean offers us the wonderful cool-down effect which this variety craves to produce its delicate aromas.
Our vines offer a different flavour profile which includes grassy notes, bell pepper and riper tropical flavours. The majority of the grapes offer lovely Cape gooseberry, green fig, grapefruit and white pear flavours. The sophisticated wine making process results in a sublime gastronomic Sauvignon Blanc.

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