2016 Harvest carefully tucked away in our cellar

Nature always surprises by offering the most beautiful things when expected the least. The 2016 harvest started one month earlier than usual because of very dry conditions combined with very warm temperatures and strong winds blowing without end. This resulted in very difficult conditions as the vineyards needed constant care to make sure that they are in top condition to offer us the quality we need to make great wines. It also forced us to be more in touch with our vines and therefore we closely monitored every process taking place.

In the cellar we were amazed by the quality of the grapes! Tiny berries with extreme concentration and wonderful colour was the result of a very tiresome season. Our viticulture practices of the last year paid off!! One more vineyard to harvest and then this great offering will go to barrel where the wine will take it’s time to slowly undergo transformation that will grab the imagination of all who is fortunate enough to get their hands on this Aaldering vintage!

The crop was slightly smaller than previous years predominantly because of the small berries that were a direct result of the dry season. The soon to be released 2013 vintage has been bottled only recently and shows quality that is a clear indication of the year on year hard work that our team has put into improving each vintage we release; vibrant fruit with riper and elegant tannins. These wines have been matured for 2 years in French oak.

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