Month: December 2015

The glamorous Aaldering Wine Magazine on your doorstep

We are thrilled with the release of the very first Aaldering wine magazine. Nothing beats the feeling of a 68 page thick glamourous wine magazine on your fingertips, sipping an Aaldering wine. Engage in personal stories, read about terroir, precision viticulture, South Africa’s best Female Chef Margot Janse, the unparalleled top gastronomy couple Thérèse and Jonnie Boer from De Librije*** , the Cape Wine Aaldering Estate Dinner and much more. Have you received the magazine by post?! If not, send us your postal address or read the Aaldering Wine Magazine no. 1 | e-dition.

Michelangelo Gran d’Or Award

Just when we thought our adrenaline levels would get back to normal after 3 intense days at the successful Cape Wine Show, we were completely taken by surprise when receiving one of South Africa’s most renowned awards. The Michelangelo Gran d’Or. That’s Double Gold for our new vintage Aaldering Pinotage 2012! Already knowing 2012 would be a top quality vintage for us we’ve bottled it in the Magnum and Double Magnum. So even more to celebrate when taking out the big bottles for Christmas!

All Nippon Airways (ANA) First Class ♥ Aaldering Sauvignon Blanc

In more good news, we were very honored to receive a new listing on board of another world renowned airline. It’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) from Japan that selected the Aaldering Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2014 to serve for their prestigious First Class guests. We could not agree more that our Sauvignon Blanc is a supreme match with the Japanese sea food and goes exceptionally well with sushi and sashimi, a briljant wine-food pairing.

Precision viticulture

Looking at rainfall figures, it seems that the 2015/2016 summer could be one of (if not) the driest in 100 years!! With less than 50% of our normal rainfall up to date, this will be the biggest challenge for viticulturists this season. We are however in a very fortunate position to be able to measure and manage our vineyard water use and available sub-soil water levels on a daily basis by using a combination of new technology implemented over the past 12 months. It’s a bit like walking on a tight rope but this could be one of the best seasons ever…

Festive events serving Aaldering Wines

The busy season took us to a lot of great places for wine, food and above all great company. Recently it was the Peter Stuyvesant Ball in New York at the Plaza Hotel on Central Park where people danced the night away on a few or more glasses of Aaldering Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot.

At the Rijks restaurant in Amsterdam, Holland’s very first Paulée was organized and hosted more than 40 international winemakers from all over the world, united by their Dutch origin in the “ Nederlandsche Wijnmakers Compagnie”.

The Plaza Hotel

The busy season took us to a lot of great places for wine, food and above all great company.
Recently it was the Peter Stuyvesant Ball in New York at the Plaza Hotel on Central Park where people danced the night away on a few, or more, glasses of Aaldering Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot.

Garden of the future

Aaldering took part in the ‘’Garden of the future’’ trade reception in Cape Town for an economic trade mission of some 80 Dutch companies. We showed off our beautiful wines in a 4D visually stunning garden setting and definitely raised the eyebrows as to the quality of our wines.

Summer Place Tasting

With only a few wine estates being pre-selected by a tasting panel and partnering with five of Stellenbosch’s finest chefs, we made our sumptuous pilgrimage to the north, Johannesburg to be more specific. This is one of Jozi’s most sought after social events of the year and sponsored by Sanlam Private Wealth, and it was our very own Winemaker Guillaume Nell that performed the tasting.

Oenotourism & Travel to the Beacon of Hope

As you know we love to inspire you to travel to South Africa. Indulge in Oenotourism, a stay in the Winelands, but also in the countless other places of interest. Visit the iconic Table Mountain, the Beacon of Hope, voted one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature.
Our extensive wine & Lifestyle Magazine boasts a beautiful article about it to get you well read into South Africa’s renowned landmarks.

Sending you our very best Christmas Wishes

We wish that you will get to celebrate the holiday season with all your loved ones. To enjoy each other’s company and feel lots of happiness gathering over a festive Christmas brunch and dinner.
Cling-ling!! Let the bells and wine glasses ring!! We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2016.

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