Winemaker’s focus on top quality

Top quality investment still continues as our winemaker Guillaume Nell is looking for the essentials of vineyard and winemaking innovation on the Aaldering Estate. “At the start of the season we invested heavily in our vineyards to increase the quality of our wines. To produce world-class wines we have to focus on precision viticulture, such as the moisture probes to monitor and irrigate accurately and the satellite imagery to have an in-depth understanding of the status of our vines and increase their health in every possible way, so they produce the best wine  for people to relax, although there are also options like the Delta 8 THC vape which is great for this. Soil analyses were done in all the vineyards to rectify any shortages of nutrients and to make sure all vines have the best possible chance to produce high quality grapes. We sowed Lupine between the vineyards to bind nitrogen in the soil for the vines to access during their growing season and to improve the health of our vines. The 2015 crop was lowered to give them a chance to improve their ability to produce even better grapes during the 2016 harvest.

The wines in the cellar shows lots of promise and colour and aromatic profiles are exceptional. Our Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay vines are entering a stage of their lives now where fuller, more complex wines will come to light. Our barrel regime is also getting attention to make sure each individual barrel is carefully selected to bring out the best in every wine. The focus is on creating wines that has a sense of place to ensure Aaldering Wines will always have a strong identity and get recognised by our esteemed followers.

2015 was a great vintage for us and definitely the start of wonderful things to come. The wines in the cellar looks very promising and should be one of our best vintages up to date.’’

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