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Culinary Arts & Aaldering Wines at Rijks Amsterdam

The impressively transformed Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam added another value to their extraordinary art collection, a fine dine restaurant called Rijks. Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk signs for the culinary art and occasionally hosts world-famous chefs. It was Africa’s best female Chef Margot Janse from Le Quartier Français (San Pellegrino Top 100) that impressed hundreds of guests with her interactive interpretation of one of the museums finest paintings, Johannes Vermeers’ The Milkmaid, and other signature dishes that excelled in a fusion of both South African and Dutch ingredients. Special attention also went out to matching wines of the same top quality, for which our Aaldering Estate Lady M 2014 was carefully selected, hence the happy faces of both Margot and Fons at an exquisite lunch at Rijks.

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