Month: August 2014

Estate Status Now in the Bag

As the title suggests Aaldering now qualifies as an ‘Estate Winery’, we are we are delighted and overjoyed with the news that we were recently approved with Estate status for our winery and vineyards! This to go along with our commitment to IPW and Enviro Wines puts us in good stead to keep making world class wines. From the 2014 vintage onwards all Aaldering wine labels will carry the ‘Estate’ reference. This further confirms our belief in the Devon Valley terroir and our vineyards , as we will continue to exclusively make wines from Aaldering estate-grown grapes. We are looking forward to taking our vineyards from strength to strength in the future, and up to the very top, making wines worth investing in!

Barrel Talk – The Definable Moment of Releasing the First 2014 Vintages

Last time we shared our end of harvest report and a sneak preview on the status of the 2014 wines in the cellar. Now we have successfully bottled the much anticipated Lady M 2014 (unwooded Pinotage), a wine with a history. A dedication to Marianne and her impeccable taste for opulent wines. We can happily report that this wine lives up and exceeds to its predecessor’s standards, it shows a beautiful, youthful, deep purple to red color. Put your nose near the glass and there are intense bursts of red and pungent stewed fruits. It erupts with bright and zesty aromas, the palate is no different, as its zingy elegance and mouth feel leave your taste buds puckering with fruit and freshness alike. Lady M 2014 was the first wine to bottle of the 2014 vintage, and is to be followed by Pinotage Blanc 2014 and Pinotage Rosé 2014. All extraordinary wines, for sophisticates we might even add.

Aaldering’s Courteous Mission Worldwide

It’s our courteous mission to give you the opportunity of enjoying an Aaldering wine wherever you may find yourself in the world. Next to our cherished existing importers in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, USA, China, Japan, and many others, Aaldering wines are now also available through the finest importers in Belgium, Austria, Finland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

With 23 countries and counting we aren’t everywhere just yet, but if you would like to be in the good company of a glass of Aaldering wine at your favourite destination, please connect with us and we would love to make it work!

Snoozing at the Aaldering Luxury Lodges

Whether you are either a wine professional travelling every year or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure traveller to South Africa, you are probably making your forthcoming Cape summer plans right now, as reservations are coming in as we speak.

Experience a retreat of serenity and rejuvenation at the Aaldering Luxury Lodges. Our endlessly cheerful and cordial Lodge Manager William is looking forward to be receiving you at the Aaldering estate this coming season!

Book your stay with us.

We are looking forward to meet you for a Taste of Aaldering Wines

Pendock Wine Gallery August – Daily – Taj Hotel Cape Town South Africa

Beautiful South London 10-11 September – London United Kingdom

Kaapwijn Fall Tasting 15 September – Belgium

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