Relentless Effort into each Bottle of Aaldering Shiraz 2011

All Aaldering wines tell a story and are vintage and terroir dependent. The first 2011 red wine which was just released is the Aaldering Shiraz 2011, after a respectable 22 months aging in French oak and the desired bottle aging. The efforts of both winemaker Dustin Osborne, our viticulturist Roewald van Huffel and the vineyard & cellar Team put into each bottle is relentless and makes this Shiraz an excellent wine with great complexity of fruit portrayed in its aromas and palate. Initially the Aaldering Shiraz 2011 is giving hints of ripe blackcurrants and power, which tempers with the typical Aaldering style showing hints of pepper, elegance and poise.

Curious about the full winemaking report of the Aaldering Shiraz 2011, follow the link to read the Fiche Technique online.

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