Barrel Talk with Winemaker Dustin Osborne

Chatting to our winemaker Dustin Osborne while he’s doing pump-overs teaches us the following about the latest harvest: “Harvest 2014 kicked off with a bang on the 3rd of February, and duly ended on the 1st of April with a small special batch of Cabernet Sauvignon making its way into the cellar. Across the board we are witnessing slightly lower alcohols with increased mouth feel and structure.

This bodes well for the longevity of all wines from the 2014 vintage. All that is left now is to let the wines age in tank and we will begin looking at the blending process around 1 month from now. All white wines will be subjected to a vigorous blending and tasting program, as we must get the right combinations in the blends to achieve the top Aaldering quality we are always looking for.”

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