Aaldering Wines Trip around the World at Dazzling Pace

The Aaldering wines are getting introduced to the world’s finest connoisseurs at a dazzling pace. First at the flourishing Prowein fair in Düsseldorf, then expanding our activities in Asia by our Sales Manager Johnna Zeng visiting the next capital in food & wine, Singapore, for Wine & Spirits Asia and immediately onwards to exhibiting at the Seoul International Wines & Spirits where amongst others our client Asiana Airlines resides.
Meanwhile back in Europe our M&S Manager Janine Smink and Fons & Marianne Aaldering cherished the connection to the airline catering industry at WTCE in Hamburg and on to the exclusive club & fine dining scene of Ibiza with our importer Vino & Co.

Soon we are all bound for Vinexpo Hong Kong, will we be seeing you there?!

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