Month: May 2014

Aaldering Wines Trip around the World at Dazzling Pace

The Aaldering wines are getting introduced to the world’s finest connoisseurs at a dazzling pace. First at the flourishing Prowein fair in Düsseldorf, then expanding our activities in Asia by our Sales Manager Johnna Zeng visiting the next capital in food & wine, Singapore, for Wine & Spirits Asia and immediately onwards to exhibiting at the Seoul International Wines & Spirits where amongst others our client Asiana Airlines resides.
Meanwhile back in Europe our M&S Manager Janine Smink and Fons & Marianne Aaldering cherished the connection to the airline catering industry at WTCE in Hamburg and on to the exclusive club & fine dining scene of Ibiza with our importer Vino & Co.

Soon we are all bound for Vinexpo Hong Kong, will we be seeing you there?!

Barrel Talk with Winemaker Dustin Osborne

Chatting to our winemaker Dustin Osborne while he’s doing pump-overs teaches us the following about the latest harvest: “Harvest 2014 kicked off with a bang on the 3rd of February, and duly ended on the 1st of April with a small special batch of Cabernet Sauvignon making its way into the cellar. Across the board we are witnessing slightly lower alcohols with increased mouth feel and structure.

This bodes well for the longevity of all wines from the 2014 vintage. All that is left now is to let the wines age in tank and we will begin looking at the blending process around 1 month from now. All white wines will be subjected to a vigorous blending and tasting program, as we must get the right combinations in the blends to achieve the top Aaldering quality we are always looking for.”

Relentless Effort into each Bottle of Aaldering Shiraz 2011

All Aaldering wines tell a story and are vintage and terroir dependent. The first 2011 red wine which was just released is the Aaldering Shiraz 2011, after a respectable 22 months aging in French oak and the desired bottle aging. The efforts of both winemaker Dustin Osborne, our viticulturist Roewald van Huffel and the vineyard & cellar Team put into each bottle is relentless and makes this Shiraz an excellent wine with great complexity of fruit portrayed in its aromas and palate. Initially the Aaldering Shiraz 2011 is giving hints of ripe blackcurrants and power, which tempers with the typical Aaldering style showing hints of pepper, elegance and poise.

Curious about the full winemaking report of the Aaldering Shiraz 2011, follow the link to read the Fiche Technique online. Rates the 5-starred Aaldering Luxury Lodges at an ‘Exceptional 9,8’ Score

Ecstatic is the right word to describe the joy of reading that the Aaldering Luxury Lodges bring an unparalleled experience to the Cape’s most prestigious hotel and lodging destinations.

Both and took note of the stylish luxury lodges and left us speechless with describing the exact feel that we want our guests to be embraced with: ‘a restful and soul-soothing escape from the loudness of the outside world and embracing life’s simpler pleasures’.

Read the full article in English, Dutch and German.

Meet us for a Taste of Aaldering Wines

Aaldering Wines is heading your way to give you a taste of the 8 outstanding wines from Devon Valley, Stellenbosch.

Perswijn – Amsterdam 2014, 25-26 May, Casa 400 , Amsterdam

Vinexpo Asia Pacific 2014, 27-29 May 2014, Hong Kong, stand CD66, Hall 1

Beautiful South Tasting, 10-11 September 2014, London

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