Barrel Talk with Dustin Osborne

“With the first blends of the 2013 wines now finished I am in a better position to give my thoughts on the 2013 vintage. South Africa enjoyed optimum weather conditions last year and therefore reached a record crop. Our country produced 4,8% more than the previous record in 2008. At Aaldering however we maintain a strict regime in the vineyards for balancing our vines and not letting them over produce. I get a bit ‘scissor-happy’ when I’m thinking of the top quality which I want to achieve.

The cold and wet conditions in winter 2012, and the conditions of flowering and berry set were phenomenal to create a healthy cropIdeal growing and ripening conditions of moderate temperatures and cool evenings also had a large contribution to the high quality levelThe 2013 wines, which are already in bottle or about to be bottled, are looking nothing short of stunningFruit purity, elegance and great acidity is personified in this vintage. Also the red wines which will be barrel-aged for 22-24 months are showing traits which are particularly exciting for the integrity and age ability of the wines. I will keep monitoring each barrel closely so you will enjoy nothing but the best the 2013 vintage has to offer.”

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