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Aaldering Wines Certified Best-in-Class for Environment Friendly Wines

Our continuous investment and effort in quality as well as sustainability over the past few years has paid off greatly. We are proud to announce that we are now certified with the illustrious ‘Enviro Wines’ seal. The accreditation acknowledges Aaldering Wines as being part of the elite group of Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) producers. In order to obtain the IPW status, all South African wineries are audited by Enviro Scientific. Their normal pass rate is 65% for sustainability on both farm and winery practices and wineries that score 75% and above are invited to the top-class ‘Enviro Wines’ group. Only 5 other South-African wineries have the same distinction, therefore hats-off to our vineyards & cellars team who have accomplished this ambitious goal.

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